May 17, 2010

Haredi Autonomy Declared in jerusalem!

In light of the rioting which has forced the City of Jerusalem to cut off city services to the Mea Shearim area once again, the residents of Mea Shearim are now declaring autonomy, according to the newest pashkevil.

The Eida says it is now setting up the infrastructure to begin providing all the city services at cheaper prices.

One thing you can be sure about - if they go through with this, once they have to pay for their own garbage cans, benches, street cleaners, and all the other city services they will be providing, there is no way the Eida will allow them to burn garbage cans and destroy the neighborhood in future protests. When it will be coming directly from their pockets, it will all be over. Maybe this is a good thing.


  1. Interesting.

    So, they'll be digging up the streets to install sewer lines, water lines, and electrical lines?

    And the iriya will be issuing the permits?

    Or, do they intend to go back to the model in the alte heim, where no such things existed?

  2. Maybe they should join the "proximity talks" as a third party. Well, actually they can just join with the Palestinians, since they have so much in common.

  3. I think that it's a great idea, although I doubt that it would work.

    As it stands there are parts of Mea Sharim and the surrounding areas that the Police and City inspectors never enter, if the city cut off all services and let them fend for themselves it may be a win-win situation.

    Elements within the extremest Charedi community have been pushing for this for years.

  4. The Eida says it is now setting up the infrastructure to begin providing all the city services at cheaper prices.
    Maybe I am blind but where do you see the Eida's name on this anywhere? It doesn't even mention any of the Hashuv Rabbanim of the Eida...

  5. you are right. I was hasty. Their name is not on it. I saw their name in the bottom right corner, but did not previously pay attention enough - they were only "copied" on this..

    But in reality, who controls Mea Shearim? They are the only ones with the "ability" to do this...

  6. I suspect that this is just stam laytzanus making fun of the iriya.
    I doubt anyone is taking it seriously except for you - including the people who put it up

  7. Rafi,

    There are any number of Kanoyim that put up all kinds of things in and around Meah Shearim. You can't trust half of them, and when there are no names and no Rabbanim mentioned...

    Usually it is just trouble makers or self appointed spokesmen such as Yolish Kraus, who has been repeatedly condemned(even if ignored by mainstream media)

    Yet that does not stop him from claiming he represents them, and attacking women in streets.

  8. yes, Mr. Anonymous, I take it very seriously...sure.

  9. Sorry rafi. I missed the joke. Never was really good at knowing the difference between sarcasm and seriousness

  10. Not a bad idea; what will they think of next - a wall to keep the [arabs] Israelis out?
    You know, I'm a frum married woman, and I always took pride in the term haredi, thinking it was the highest service of Hashem's Torah, keeping the most the mitzvos mehudar. But with all this fighting and battling going on, it's getting embarrassing, if not obtuse.


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