Jun 13, 2011

American Jewish young man is being harassed and treated unfairly he is then arrested in Jerusalem (video)

American Jewish young man is being harassed and treated unfairly he is then arrested in Jerusalem

The Israeli police have developed an image of being very opposed to the right-wing, breaking up protests with excessive violence, going on what is almost a witch hunt to arrest right-wing activists.

I think the video below shows a slightly different picture. I don't deny that they hate the right-wing, but I think the police approach to breaking up demonstrations is basically they hate anyone who makes their jobs even just a tad bit harder than what they should be.

Granted, in the video below, the clip is edited and we do not see if this idiot of a kid was making trouble. he started off in the street, and would not move over, but the police were not willing to put up with his bologna and they dragged him away, throwing him to the ground, grabbing him by his neck, etc.

We have seen the violence by religious protests, nothing to do with right or left. Arabs. Leftists weekly in Nilin and Bilin. All types of protests, the police tend to show the same level of lack of tolerance and excessive violence. I am pretty sure the police simply hate anyone who threatens to make them work a little bit harder...


  1. Saw this video last week.

    From the way he wears his Kippah on his head, I am 99.999% sure that he does not wear a kippah on a regular basis.

    After I saw the video I thought about putting on a keffiyeh and making a video about how wonderful Israel is and how corrupt the PA is. How many hits do you think I would have gotten on YouTube? :-)

  2. and now he will forever have an arrest on his record, and may very well have trouble getting a job here.
    idiot should be hanged, shot, tortured, and then stoned.

  3. Well, well. "What's sauce for the goose..."

    I would put it even more simply; the police are trained to use a high level of excessive force and violence, period.

  4. Was he wearing a ton of makeup or was that just an unfortunate treatment of his caucasian face vs. the other israelis in the picture? The second shot does seem like they picked him out of that crowd for a specific reason at that moment - I would bet he threw something.

  5. I agree with Moshe- I also noticed that he does not appear to be a regular kipah wearer. And I think miriam is correct about the makeup. Clearly this was a staged event & there were definitely something that was edited from the video. and why would he refuse to show has passport - that is the ID that visitors all around the world need to show.

  6. nope, no brutality here. the kid doesn't have a MARK on him. the police always seperate demonstrators, so as to prevent fights. he wouldn't move so they pushed. he pushed back. they pushed harder.

    no broken bones, no bruises, no nothing. in all probability this film is exactly what he wanted.

  7. Seems to me he is not even Jewish, and if he is he is he is terribly mixed up.

  8. shame on him, having the cops ruin a perfectly good Kafiyah.
    anyhoo, this stupid kid was like a white sox fan at a cubbies game, just waiting to get shot.
    The cops acted properly as I could tell, he refused showing them his ID which is the law in Israel, that when a police officer asks you for ID you must show or risk arrest, he was resisting arrest and fought hard against them so they used normal tactics that all police forces even in the USA are trained to do.
    He put himself in danger and if I was there would have bought lunch for all the cops.

  9. JPost article today says police confirm resist of arrest and also that he bit one of them! Then fled country the second he was released.

  10. he is a virulent antizionist leftist...


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