Jun 26, 2011

Interesting Psak: Flash Mobs

Rav Baruch Efrati was asked on Moreshet whether women could make a flash mob. They want to make abd video a flash mob in honor of the upcoming graduation from Ulpana. The mob would be just women, and the question is if there is a problem of tznius and if it is allowed.

Rav Efrati answered that in general dancing in the public domain is not a halachic problem. We see in Chazal many instances where it occurred, and it was part of the normal joy of life. However, when it is women dancing, they have to be extra careful as men should not be watching them, and definitely not dance with them.

Rav Efrati then added that he recommends arranging the dance at an event that is just women, such as in a womens institution, or at a conference in honor of Sherut Leumi, or a certain womens event that is coming up soon at Binyanei HaUma.

Rav Efrati paskened " You cannot dance in a place where there are men, or with men. Even if you are dressed modestly. Especially because this type of dance event draws extra attention from the people in the area."

Female Flash Mobs are out..


  1. the chiddush is only in that a shailoh was asked, and a psak given, about a flash mob.


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