Jun 26, 2011

The Beginning Of Rebellion In Shas?

I saw these signs pasted up around Tel Aviv today, and I am told they are up in many places around the country.

These signs were put up in light of the announcement the other day of Aryeh Deri's return to politics and his intention to head a political party.

I figure like this:
If they were put up by Aryeh Deri supporters from outside of Shas, they would not want him to head the Shas party, but a new independent party. It makes sense, to me, that these are supporters of Aryeh Deri from within Shas. And that they are saying "the majority determines and not the rav" that looks like the beginning of a rebellion...

of course another option is that Aryeh Deri put them up himself and perhaps he himself wants to be head of the Shas party..


  1. They were put up by anti-Deri shasniks to show that he doesn't follow Daas Torah. Similar facetious posters were put up about 2 months ago making him sound like a left wing chiloni.

  2. perhaps, but I consider this option to be highly unlikely.
    His main opponents are in Shas (along with a few people who care about electing a convicted felon with moral turpitude, even though he served out his time), specifically Eli Yishai, and for them to hang such signs would be seriously playing with fire, as it could boomerang on them...
    possible but I dont think likely


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