Jun 19, 2011

The Week Of Korach Is Prone To Argument

Rav Shteinman reportedly said over Shabbos that this week is going to be very prone for being a source of argument and strife between people. Rav Shteinman said that he has seen over the course of years that specifically during the week leading up to Parshat Korach, it is common for argument to break out.

That being the case, Rav Shteinman davens extra during this time period, specifically asking for machlokes to be diminished. Rav Shteinman also asks other people to daven as well against machlokes.

A man of about 100 years has certainly seen a lot, especially when he has been in a leadership position for much of it. If he has noticed trends over the years, there is probably something to it...

He does not quote any seforim about this. I wonder if in general anything is brought down to this regard, about the week of Korach being a period of strife, similar to how we relate to Tisha B'Av...


  1. If this really was a time prone for strife then he would not need to quote any seforim (or books) as he would be able to bring examples.

    Unfortunately all the times that are prone for this that and the other all seem to be for bad things. I would like to see someone say that a time is prone for good things because of something good that happened in the Parasha. Hodesh Adar and Hodesh Nissan are both highlighted for good things. Is there a Parashat HaShavua that is highlighted for being a good time for something?

  2. Rafi(S), if you ever happen to skim through talks the talks of the Lyubavitcher Rebbe, you'll see exactly that, always pointing out the positive auspicious times throughout the whole year.
    In general, the LR's outlook and public talks were always on the positive (so much so, to the extent that he would generally avoid even saying words like 'misoh' or 'rah', rather using words like 'hepekh hachayim' or 'eino yehudi' etc..), ...quite a contrast to most of today's "gedolim".

    Was just thinking the other day about how the "gedolim" of yesteryear were so different; R' M. Feinstein, R' A. Pam, they were so NOT into always negative..., so much more real..., whatever..

  3. There just so "happened" to be a huge Mahloket in our neighborhood this past Shabbat - bigger than any I've seen in a long time.

  4. I'll email you off-line.


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