Jun 23, 2011

The Chosson Bolted Right After The Chuppa

It used to be that you would hear stories of sad and unfortunate, but crazy, wedding stories. Specifically of crazy circumstances or incidents that happened or were revealed under, or immediately after, the chuppa. And that would be the end of it as far as the public was concerned. After the initial splash, the initial revelation, the couple would go away quietly and either work out their issues or get a quick divorce.

Nowadays we sue.

Kikar is reporting about a wedding, a haredi wedding which is why Kikar is reporting on it, in Beer Sheva, in which immediately after the chuppa the chosson disappeared from the wedding hall and ran away.

As the chuppa concluded he told his kalla he needed to step out, wash his face and get air for a moment. When he didn't return after a bit, people started looking for him. They found his suit jacket thrown aside in the bathroom, but he was nowhere to be found.

For weeks she has been looking for him, unsuccessfully. She finally found him (I would like to know where he was hiding out, though the article does not say), only to be told that he ran away because he felt it was a mistake to marry her.

She is now suing him for 1 million shekels, due to the anguish and distress he caused her on her wedding day.

He should have just broken it off before the wedding, or gone through with it and then a quiet and quick divorce. I don't know if she will get a million shekels, as Israeli courts are notoriously not big into large awards for intangible damages, but it will cost him a pretty penny.

Just to add, while I am not sure why this story is so big, perhaps it is taking on the proportions of the dog stoning story as a human interest story, but this story is now running in Bechadrei, NRG and Srugim as well. It is not nearly as crazy as that dog story, so I doubt it will be picked up by the international news the way the dog story was, but locally it is making the rounds. I guess the news of Aryeh Deri returning to politics isn't big enough on it's own...


  1. I heard this on the radio on the bus this morning, so I don't know which news service it was, but they reported that he went through the kiddushin under the chuppah, and a few weeks later they found him and he gave her a get. However, she's upset after all the humuliation and is suing him.

  2. At least he didn't jump off a hotel balcony!
    And he went through it keeping kibud Av, and he didn't break an engagement, which also carries a punishment.
    I guess he thought this was the only way out.

  3. I hate to it but many bachhurim are not ready to get married. My daughter recently married and after 3 months walked out from him.
    She was treated like a ___ toy.
    No feelings nothing, now he wants to know what he can do.

  4. My suspicion is that this story is another fake. The circumstances are too similar to the "Cleve Get" which is a notorious case that generated much halachic responsa 300 years ago.


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