Jun 13, 2011

Shas And Mayor Moshe Abutbol Meet With Palestinian Leadership

A group of members of Shas, ministers, members of Knesset, mayors, and other activists, recently participated in an event organized by The "Geneva Initiative" organization (if I am not mistaken this was founded by Yossie Beilin) to meet, speak to, and hear out leading Palestinians, to come to an understanding regarding what they really feel, what they really go through, what they really want, rather than just basing opinions on stigma and stereotype. (source: Ynet)

I guess there is nothing wrong with it, though I know they were attacked for participating in a left-wing event.

At the end of the day, the conflict is between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and it would benefit everybody if each side could find a way to understand the wants and needs of the other side. It might improve the nature of the negotiations, as each side will better be aware of what is, and is not, really important to the other side.

These types of meetings should even be expanded, with Palestinians coming out to hear the concerns of right-wing groups, religious groups and others, rather than just the left-wing groups they currently hang out with. Perhaps more right-wing groups should also participate in similar future events and meetings.

We have a concept in Judaism of "Da Mah L'Hashiv" - know what to respond. if you don't know what the other side is really thinking, what they really want, you cannot appreciate the argument, and you cannot design an appropriate response. Only by understanding the other side can you develop a proper, targeted response that will be effective.

Mayor Moshe Abutbol, 3rd from right
The one question I have is why someone like Moshe Abutbol, mayor of Bet Shemesh, needed to be a part of it? Is he instrumental in forming policy regarding the peace process? Perhaps as many people as possible need to participate in such events, and then it would be ok that he was there, or maybe it is important for those in power, decision-makers, and the like, and then what is the mayor of a nationally insignificant town doing as part of it? Does it indicate his future in attempting to move to the Knesset Shas list and out of the mayoral seat? is it insignificant?


  1. I agree that the meeting is a positive thing, and Kudos to the mayor for participating.

    I currently don't believe in a "2 State Solution", but I think that it is essential that we increase interaction between Israelis and Palestinian-Arabs at all levels, especially non-government level (e.g. Local government, business, eduction, medical).

    Only once we start to see each other as "people" and not just "The enemy" would it be possible to start moving towards peace.

    BTW - one of the biggest failures of the Oslo process is that it made these type of ordinary, non-government interactions more difficult.

  2. Michael, I guess you are not aware of the curriculum in the local Arab schools and the hate they promote. You might want to enlighten yourself as to what goals they have in mind for you and your family. Here's one source to begin with:


    Unfortunately, they rely on Western naiveté, as yours, that dialogue will promote peace--while in the meantime, they plan for "that nation's" destruction.

  3. I disagree with your analysis. What the "other side" "really wants" is made abundantly clear by their leaders - the same people that Shas went to have their cozy meeting with. These are Fatah officials who have joined with Hamas and have consistently refused to acknowledge our right to exist.

    The interesting part is what Abutbul was doing there. I think this shows how well connected he is in the higher echelons of the party and maybe an interest to become a Haver Knesset. It also shows the face of Shas and their willingness to be used by the Palestinian propaganda machine and fall for their lies. Another reason to get rid of Abutbul.

  4. Mayor for (Some) of All of the PeopleJune 13, 2011 11:41 AM

    Abutbol has much experience for this meeting from his dealings with the kitzonim in RBS bet.

  5. The positive thing is that if Abutbul is thinking of going up the ladder ang giving up being mayor, then I'm all for it. The problem I have with all these meetings is that lefties meet with the "enemy", who suddenly becomes the friend, and then the new enemy is right wingers or religious people. Abutbul apparently believes that the enemy in Beit Shemesh is the Dati Leumi, and therefore it would be better for him to initiate some sort of meeting with them, to understand them, and foster friendship rather than going to see former (or still) terrorists,

  6. Unfortunately this visit by Abutbul is completely in character as we know him as being the first to give in to (kanai) terror. He gives in to terror in BS and Shas want to give in to terror in Jerusalem.

  7. Hopeless in RBSJune 13, 2011 3:57 PM

    Congrats to our Mayer, he is now the useful idiot of both the Chareidi right and the Israeli left!

  8. I have an idea. Maybe he should ask his new Arab friends if they would be willing to let the kanaim in RBSB move to Ramallah. That would kill 2 birds at the same time. We'd be rid of them, and they would be happy living under Arab rule.

  9. What is all this baseless hatred?
    The Mayor should NOT have gone to meet the Palestinians. But you guys, leave other frum Jews out.

  10. I'm so glad to see that he has created such a perfect city in BS that he is ready to take on such serious issues that have stumped world leaders....

  11. EYITL, There is nothing baseless in what has been said above.
    1. Abutbul does give in to kanai terror in BS.
    2. The kannaim are well known for their support of the dismantling of the Jewish State and would prefer to be under Arab rule.

    I find your comment that we should leave "leave other frum Jews out" to be out of order. Are you implying that it is OK to write bad things about non-frum Jews or for that matter non-Jews?


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