Jun 14, 2011

What would you do if you had something important to do on your wedding day? Right at the time of the beginning of the wedding?

A kallah from Sderot found herself with such a dilemma. She was a graduating student at Michlelet Sapir in Sderot, and her graduation ceremony was scheduled for the same time as her wedding.

Instead of going to pick up her diploma the next day or at a later time, she decided that she had worked hard the previous 3 years toward her diploma, and she was not going to miss the ceremony.

Wedding Dress Degree
According to mynet, she showed up in her wedding dress, and took advantage of the schedule to also take wedding pictures on the campus. She and her chosson had met as students on campus, so choosing the campus as the setting for the pictures, along with the timing of the event, made it the perfect location for her.

In response to questioning about delaying the wedding for her diploma and keeping people wedding, the kallah said, "I killed myself for 3 years to earn this degree. the rav and the guests can wait a bit."

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  1. My wife skipped her med school graduation to make our wedding. To each his/her own...


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