Jun 22, 2011

Wings of Song (video)

Wings of Song

Wings of Song" with Violinist Miri Ben Ari, is a selected song from the highly anticipated album "New Sinai Sound" by Composer / lyricist Cecelia Margules.
The clip tells the story of a young boy who embarks on a journey involving different situations in life.
in the process, he discovers that his journey is a metaphor of the Jewish people's yearning for the Messiah.

Music by Cecelia Margules and Rami Yadid
Arranged and Produced By Rami Yadid
Lyrics by Cecelia Margules
Executive Producer Cecelia Margules

Director of Photography Mauricio Arenas
Directed by Danny Finkelman, sparks Productions.

Boy - Ari Raskin
Mother - Tzirel Raskin
Couple - Greg Posner and Alexis Hosea
Teen - David Nesher
Old Man - Roman Galinsky

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