Jun 19, 2011

Solution Found and Naama Shafir Plays Ball After All

In Hebrew the controversy surrounding Naama Shafir, Israeli female basketball star who played for Toledi in the NCAA and is now playing on the Israel national team in a European tournament, has been involved in with the issue of the shirts is known as "Parshat HaChultzot" - The Shirts Affair.

As mentioned, Naama Shafir was disqualified from participating in the tournament because the league officials would not budge on a rule that does not allow players to wear a t-shirt under the basketball shirt. This rule created a problem for Shafir who is religious, as for modesty reasons only plays with a shirt underneath. All appeals to the various governing bodies were rejected.

At the last minute a solution was found that was acceptable to, and approved by, the Israel Basketball Association and FIBA - Europe's basketball governing body.

Naama Shafir in sleevies
The solution found is that instead of a t-shirt under the basketball shirt, Shafir would wear "skin-toned elastic sleeves".

Naama Shafir would now be able to travel to Poland and help Israel's National team compete in the tournament.

Unfortunately, in the first game of the tournament yesterday, Israel played the national team of the Czech Republic and lost pretty badly - 72-56. Shafir only played 10 minutes, scoring 3 points. Not exactly star numbers... Hopefully the rest of the tournament will be better, as today the Israeli team pays against Belarus, and tomorrow against Great Britain.

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