Mar 29, 2012

Buckle Your Kids Up!

The Knesset's Finance Committee yesterday approved a change in the amount of fines one would receive for not buckling your child in safely in the car.

Until now the level of the fine was 250 NIS across the board, for not buckling properly a child from the ages 0-14.

Now, with the new level of fines, it will be a staggered amount, depending on the age of the child, with the largest increase being an increase of 400%!!!

The new fines are, for not properly buckling a child..:

  • 0-3, in a car seat: 1000 NIS (an increase of 400%!!)
  • 3-8, in a booster seat: 750 NIS
  • 8-14, in a seatbelt: 500 NIS

I imagine that with the fines being so high, the police will probably be on the lookout as a way of increasing revenue...

So, besides for buckling your kids up due to safety reasons, you will also want to buckle up out of financial concerns...
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  1. A friend of mine worked a rehab hospital for kids some years back, something like 66% of the kids there were there because they were in an accident without wearing a seat belt! And considering how many people I see driving around with their kids unbuckeled all I can say is its not high enough!

  2. what's the law if you take a child in a taxi? why aren't taxis fitted with a built-in infant seat and required to carry two boosters in the trunk?

  3. Why should taxi drivers be responsible? If people want their kids in taxis, they should bring their own booster seats.

  4. when a fine is levied for a passenger not buckling, the fine is on the driver. taxis allow babies without car seats, so I suspect that they must be allowed to so by law. but I dont know

  5. from the small amount of research I just did on google in hebrew, it seems that the law allows a taxi to carry 2 young children on the laps of buckled adults - beyond the normal limit of 4 buckled passengers.

    I would add that it will be rare to find a taxi with a car seat, even if it is kept in the trunk. they are limiting themselves, as how would they have enough room for riders when no kid is involved, or for packages in the trunk...

    1. why would the law be any different for a taxi? the chances of a taxi getting in an accident is the same as for a laypersons car. also, the risk on the child not being properly restrained is the same! also, do you know if a gan hasa'ah is also considered public transportation and exempt? we have been having serious difficulty convincing my 3 year old's hasa'ah driver that he must be buckled in a carseat!

  6. I will admit that since we don't drive but do take a taxi from time to time this is something I worry about, but I don't know what I can do about it as I can't really carry a car seat around.

  7. Taxis are considered public transportation (like busses) and are exempt from this law. A cab driver does not face any fines for taking un-safety-seated children. Note: is is NOT safe to buckle a child into an adult belt on a lap...the child is better off on your lap WITHOUT the belt around him/her!

    Boosters (the basic ones) are easy to shove under a stroller, and a sal kal (infant bucket) fits on many basic stroller models. The problem time is the toddler years, when they're too big for the sal kal and too small (they have to be 18kg, not just 3 y.o.) to sit on the basic booster.

  8. Wonderful!!! parents are so careless about it. Within our Yishuv many parents put their toddlers in the front seat (unbuckled of course)... as if accidents never happen inside an Yishuv


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