Mar 26, 2012

Interesting Posts #371

Interesting Posts #371

1. My Mother's Visit To Rav Sheinberg - Portrait Of A Gadol

2. The Jerusalem Light-Rail As Political Israel

3. 2 years ago, Esther Petrack's participation in a reality tv show called America's Next Top Model made waves. People questioned whether she could be called frum considering she would have tzniyus issues, and particularly she seemingly had said she would work on Shabbos to get a modeling job. Well, Esther Petrack is now a volunteer in the IDF training to be a tank instructor....

4. Using Electronic Devices on Shabbos

5. Rebuilding The Temple Will Ruin Everything

6. The "Other" Passover Cmmemoration

7. Hagadda Roundup

8. The Golan Hiking Trail

9. Sping Time In Eretz Yisrael

10. The Courage To Embrace Imperfection

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