Mar 29, 2012

The Spiritual Grout of the Kotel

In an announcement on Matzav about the cleaning of the notes out of the Kotel (they say they ensure no notes will be read), included was also a mention that engineers are regularly brought in to examine the stones of the Kotel to determine that there is no safety issue and that the stones will not come loose and fall on anyone praying below.

I was wondering to myself what one has to do with the other. it could be the engineer issue was mentioned only to add to the word count, to make the article a little longer. Then I had another idea. It could be that some people think the only thing holding up the Kotel are those notes that people stick in the cracks with prayers written on them. The notes are the spiritual grout holding up the Kotel. Such people might be concerned that the removal of the notes would endanger the structural integrity of the Kotel. Therefore it was necessary when saying the notes are being cleaned out to also mention that engineers are brought in to ensure the safety of the mispallelim below.

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