Mar 19, 2012

Leftists Want More Sudanese And Less Haredim (video)

Here is an interesting debate regarding the Sudanese "refugees", or "migrant workers" in south Tel Aviv.. my comments are below the video

1. I am very impressed with this young woman's ability to confidently debate her side of the issue against Dan Almagor, a respected playwright and author, and much older man, without being intimidated by the personality opposite her.

2. At about 5 minutes in, Almagor contrasts, pretty much "out of the blue", the treatment of the Sudanese refugees with the way the haredim who dress in black but don't work are treated. He suggests that Israel would be better off with the Sudanese than with the Haredim. There is too much of a blind hatred of haredim around - they have nothing to do with the Sudanese issue. the Sudanese issue needs to find a resolution, and that has nothing to do with haredim. Involving them, when there is absolutely no connection, is just to rile people up.

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  1. of course when this guy talks about blacks who are willing to work, he means that he is happy that there are people willing to clean his home for cheap.

  2. He talks about how the UN created the state as a "State of Refugees", she corrected him and said that this is a "Jewish State", not a refugee state.

    The only reference to Jews that he makes is to mock the Charedim.

    Seems like the concept of a "Jewish State" is completely lost on some people, even people old enough to remember a world with no Jewish State.

  3. "Leftists Want More Sudanese And Less Haredim"

    That should be "fewer Haredim".

  4. I don't agree that there is no connection between the sudanese and the haredim. If you think about it more, you will find many poignant connections.


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