Mar 22, 2012

Old People In The News

A couple of interesting news items about old people in the news:

  • News1 reports that a 90+ year old man in Petach Tikva requested that instead of being registered at the Post Office near his house from which he would pick up packages that he should be registered at the branch in downtown. The downtown branch is close to the medical clinic he regularly visits and it would be easier for him to pick up his packages there than to have to go to the one he is currently registered in, even though it is closer to his house.
    Initially the Postal Authority refused to make the requested change, saying that their policy is to deliver packages and mail via the post office closest to the recipients house.

    Basically, that's the system and you are stuck with it.

    Eventually, somebody wised up and decided to take into consideration this fellow's advanced age and how difficult it must be for him. The request was approved and he is now able to pick up his mail and packages at the preferred branch, further away from his house.

    In general, the post office is a horrible place to have to go. They never have enough staff on hand to service the number of customers waiting.

    Big systems are not designed for the little guy, and often are not meant to accommodate personal requests. In Israel, even big systems are little enough that a little kvetching can get the system to agree to make changes.
  • A law was proposed in Knesset yesterday, proposed by MKs Gafni and Maklev of UTJ but supported by most parties, by which, if the law should pass its readings, public parking lots will have to designate parking for elderly people, anybody over 75, the same way it designates parking for handicapped. (source: Bechadrei)

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1 comment:

  1. Driving skills can deteriorate with age. Many above 75 shouldn't be driving or parking at all. Above a certain age, annual driving tests should be mandatory to keep a driver's license active.


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