Mar 22, 2012

El Al Posts Major Loss For 2011 - Despite Keeping Shabbos

The numbers are out, and El Al has posted a loss of $49 million for the year 2011. This comes after posting profits in previous years.

There are many reasons that combined are the cause for El Al's loss in 2001, ranging from fuel costs to management costs, operations,. increased competition, etc.

I want to know how those who fought with El Al and forced El Al to commit to "keeping Shabbos", when they spoke about how El Al has been profitable only because El Al has kept Shabbos and if they would not keep Shabbos they would lose that edge, how would those people explain El Al's bad year in 2011?

I would note that I am not encouraging El Al to not keep Shabbos. I am saying that the reason to keep Shabbos is not so that the company can be profitable or avoid divine punishment in the form of a bad year were they to not keep Shabbos. The reason to keep Shabbos has nothing to do with that, and connecting the profitability of a company to whether or not it keeps Shabbos is a bad move. Now that they posted a big loss despite keeping Shabbos, will they now have leverage to say that they have no reason to keep Shabbos if it does not help them profit?

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  1. Similar to the finance minister claiming Israel's relatively light recession was due to its massive government support of the kollel phenomenon within.

  2. Think of how much more money they would have lost if they hadn't kept Shabbat. Perhaps it is punishment for the story a few weeks ago, where the plane landed and deplaned before Shabbat but not enough time for the passengers to get home.

    Kind of reminds me of the IKEA executive who said how lucky they were no one got hurt when the store burned down because they kept Shabbat. Perhaps if they were open someone would have noticed the fire. What is the message when your store burns down from rain?

    'Knowing' Gods system of justice is apikores and dangerous. Building foundations of belief system on something that can be torn down so easily is a great way to expose your belief system as a complete fraud.

  3. Flying out one hour after Shabbes means you don't keep it, since workers were checking people in on Shabbes...I'm not knocking them for not flying on Shabbes, but they never fully kept it. That said, it is kfirah to say that a person gets what he desreves in this world. They did not make money because they kept Shabbes. Anyone who keeps Shabbes gets a mitzva credited to him, period. Some who keep Shabbes are poor, some who don't are rich.


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