Mar 19, 2012

Declutter For Pesach With The Shuk

Purim has come and gone, and now Pesach is quickly on its way. "Immediately after Purim" is the time when many people start cleaning for Pesach.

Some start as early as the beginning of the month of Adar, and I have even heard rumors, usually considered a joke, of some people who begin their Pesach preparations from Hannukah. While some people begin Pesach preparations that early, others only wait until much closer to Pesach, be it a week or so before, be it from the beginning of the month of Nissan.

One part, the main part, of Pesach cleaning is the sweeping of crumbs, the scraping of food chunks off the undersides of the table, the kashering of the oven, the changing over of the cabinets and all that. Another aspect is the "spring cleaning" As people are cleaning anyway, they use the opportunity to do things that are not Pesach-related in any way, whether it is washing the windows, airing out the closets, wiping down surfaces that never come into contact with food and the like.

Yet a third aspect of Pesach-cleaning is the decluttering of the home. As we go through our cabinets, our "boydem", our machsan and whatnot, we always tend to find things we stored away that we thought we might one day need again, but it has already been years since you have had any actual need for it. Instead of throwing perfectly good things (that you have no use for) in the garbage, which is what I often do, why not declutter your house and make some money in the process - sell all those items in The Shuk. It's a win-win proposition.

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  1. You need to declutter the code on this blog - It loads terribly slowly.


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