Mar 20, 2012

From Grief To Joy

Adar is known as the month in which "Yagon" was turned to "simcha" - "grief" was turned to "joy".

A bride on the way to her wedding last week in Bnei Braq ran into a major obstacle. The Vizhnitzer Rebbe had just died and the because of the masses attending the funeral, she would not be able to get through the crowds to get to her wedding on time (what wedding in Bnei Braq starts on time anyway???).

The bride called the ZAKA hotline. When they heard about her problem, they sent an ambulance to drive her to the wedding hall. The ambulance was able to make its way through the crowd, and she made it to the wedding hall on time. (source: Jewish Press)

Zaka, which is normally active in times of grief, was turned to being useful for joy.

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1 comment:

  1. Wouldn't this mean the photographer, choson, mesader kiddushun, guests, etc etc were also held up? Can't start with only the kallah.


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