Mar 21, 2012

Netanyahu (Yair) Gets What He Deserves

The IDF does not give special treatment to any soldiers, no matter who they are.

That statement is probably not true, but Private Yair Netanyahu did not get any special treatment when he was caught after having abandoned his post to go home for a nice meal.

Channel 2 News reports that Yair Netanyahu, serving in the IDF in the international communications office for the IDF Spokesmans office, was on duty this past Friday night when he decided to go home to join his family for Friday night dinner. He decided on his own, without first getting permission from his commanding officer.

Netanyahu was caught because foreign reporters called the office for a response about something, but nobody answered the phone.

Considering he was on duty with another soldier, the article says nothing about why the other soldier did not answer the phone.

When they could not find Yair, they contacted him by phone. he responded with a text message saying he ran home to bring some food. A few hours later, it became clear he had not just run home for a quick bite or to bring food back to the office, but he had gone home for a nice long meal.

Netanyahu was judged and "convicted" to 3 weeks on base without leaving, for abandoning his post and for lying to his commanding officer.

I think it is pretty cool that he gets what he deserves despite being the son of the prime minister... no protexia will be used to save him from this..

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  1. Yes, because if his last name was Sharon we'd have had another unilateral withdrawal to keep it out of the papers.

  2. I would hope that his father would not use protectsia. That would be even more scandalous than him thinking he is above the law.

  3. It's such a minor punishment it would be foolish to use protexia to get out of it.

  4. I think Rafi G's right, and we're taking the type of government we have for granted if we don't appreciate something like this.


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