Mar 25, 2012

Disgusting Turkish shampoo commercial starring Hitler (video)

Disgusting Turkish shampoo commercial starring Hitler

I would not expect anything better to come out of Turkey..

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  1. Not a huge fan of Turkey, but I'm wondering if some misguided Turkish advertising executive took that Hitler YouTube meme that was popular a few years ago, even with Jews, a little too far. How unfortunate. (talking about this:

  2. Islamo-fascist psichopats ,they have no respect even for the children who died in the holocaust

  3. Many Turks, including highly educated ones don't have any real feeling of what Hitler did. Yes, probably some know what happened generally but majority don't even know or care to learn.

    The Turkish educational system doesn't put enough emphasis on that part of the history. Only the history of the "great" ottoman empire carries special importance to the level that every student is expected to know which Sultan conquered which city at what year! It might be seen absurd to you but it is actually a great way of brainwashing.

    Besides, something similar to Hitler's action is taking place against Kurdish people. Being Kurdish is something to be ashamed of, degraded upon. They deserve to starve or freeze to death because of defending their own identity and demanding equal standards from the government. The earthquake that took place in November in the city Van didn't take many lives, but the lack of involvement and investment from the government's side caused hundreds of deaths among adults and children. Many froze to death. Guess why. Because Van is mainly a Kurdish city.


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