Oct 29, 2015

Knesset cafeteria removes knives

It looks like in the Knesset people are now expected to eat either sandwiches or food that does not require strong cutlery - perhaps items like jello and ice cream.

The cutlery cart was removed from cafeteria and placed in a more discreet and hidden place outside of the cafeteria.

The reason is to prevent someone, from among the many people walking by through the Knesset, to possibly grab a knife from the cart. This is intended to minimize the chances of someone grabbing a knife and stabbing someone (or threaten someone to that effect) in the Knesset.
source: Maariv and Jewish Press

I think all knives should be removed form the entire country. And forks, as they can be used to stab as well. And screwdrivers.

Then again, any excuse to eat foods like jello and ice cream is worthy...

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1 comment:

  1. It sounds like knives are still available - just you have to ask for one. So what in the world does that accomplish? Whoever wants to kill someone can order a piece of chicken, request a knife, and stab someone with it, chas v'shalom.


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