May 16, 2016

Bill Clinton: 'I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state" (video)

He is campaigning for Hillary, so his words, as those of anyone campaigning for such a powerful sosition, must be taken with a grain of salt and a bucket-full of suspicion...

However, what is perhaps the most important part of what Bill Clinton said was cut off form the video:
“There’s nobody who’s blameless in the Middle East, but we cannot really ever make a fundamental difference in the Middle East unless the Israelis think we care whether they live or die. If they do, we have a chance to keep pushing for peace," Clinton said. "And that’s her position. Not to agree with the Israeli government on everything, not to pretend that innocents don’t die, not to pretend that more Palestinian children don’t die than Israeli children. But that we can’t get anything done unless they believe, when the chips are down, if somebody comes for them we will not let them be wiped out and become part of the dustbin of history."

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