May 24, 2016

The hiccup that led to many questions

As things drag on, it makes me wonder why things had to go down the way they did. Why did anything semi-official have to be said about who is getting what? Why did Yaalon have to resign now, with negotiations under way - why not wait until it was a done deal, a signed deal? NEgotiations happen regularly for all sorts of things, and often they don't work out. Yaalon resigned as if Lieberman was going to be sworn in 5 minutes later - clearly that did not happen. Did Yaalon make a mistake? Was he too hasty? Was he simply insulted by the fact that Netanyahu was talking about replacing him?

With the current hiccup in  negotiations does Yaalon now regret resigning so quickly?

Not only did Yaalon perhaps make a mistake, but why was the deal presented as a fait accompli before the details were worked out and agreed upon?

And, if they cannot come to an agreement on all the issues, or if perhaps this was a ply by Lieberman to make Netanyahu think he was about to have a deal and then Lieberman would pull the rug out from under him and probably lead to new elections, who would Netanyahu appoint as Defense Minister? With Yaalon having resigned from the Knesset, that door is shut. Would he give it to Bennet, who has wanted it in the past? Is there someone in the Likud that can take the Defense Ministry?

This hiccup in negotiations really opens up a lot of questions.

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