May 29, 2016

PSA: Curb Your Dogs

A PSA guest post from a fellow dog owner

If you own a dog (like we do) please, please clean up after your dog. 
It is so disgusting to walk the streets of our city and constantly see dog poo all over the place! Walking though Ayalon park is like walking through a mine field of dog stuff - why? Take a bag with you and for the love of humanity, clean up your dog's mess!! 
In our house we would NEVER allow our kids to leave our dogs stuff on the street.

People come on,
A. it's beyond disgusting
B. It's our city - let's take pride in what it looks like and
C. it's eretz hakodesh. 

RBSA let's make a commitment to CURB OUR DOGS!!

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1 comment:

  1. In most normal cities in Israel, it is in fact illegal NOT to clean up after your dog's mess? You don't want to do it, don't have a dog. Rafi, would you please post on the Facebook RBS list, and on the email list, as a lot of the dog owners in RBS are English speaking.


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