May 22, 2016

J-Street mercenaries

Reports have J-Street having been a recipient of some $576,000 from the Obama administration in order to be an advocate for the nuclear deal with Iran.
source: INN

So, are they just mercenaries? Can they claim to be honestly advocating for what they think is best for Israel when they are being paid to do so? Is it all about the money, or maybe if the money is there anyway and it matches with what they would be doing anyway, why not take it?

Does this revelation make J-Street look any worse than they already did in regards to their "pro-Israel" work?

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  1. I would guess that they've promoted the agendas of their donors in the past, and the only real difference here is that their donor was also the entity they exist to lobby.

  2. They didn't receive it from the Obama administration. They received it from a group which has been around since 1981. They happen to align politically with the Obama administration (which is fine; a lot of similar groups would align politically with a Republican administration), but the White House did not send money J-Street's way. (This is pretty clear from the NYTimes article linked to in the INN article.) The headline is just another example of trash journalism by A7.

    The real story is that J-Street took money from another group to promote a particular agenda, which compromises their objectivity. The crappy headline distracts from that.

    1. Good to know. It doesn't surprise me that A7 would write like that. They are virulently right-wing, after all.

      I don't think J-Street promoting the agenda of a major donor is really news. They are a lobbyist group. Lobbyist groups promote their funders' agendas. It's kind of the definition and point to such groups. Perhaps the confusion comes because J-Street, as an organization, also has its own position on Israel and the American-Israeli relationship.

  3. Why are we surprised at the treachery of J-Street. They have not hidden their nefarious agenda. Anyone who doesn't know who and what they are, are ones not interested in Israel's welfare.


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