May 16, 2016

Gur chassidim rebel against new technology regulations

This is unusual. Especially for chassidim. But maybe this is a real sign of the decrees regarding internet usage and smartphones being "gzeiros she'ein hatzibbur yecholin laamod bahel" - decrees that the public cannot adhere to.

In the chassidic community of Gur they recently held a technology conference where a series of decrees were announced regulating the use of smartphones, internet, Whatsapp and more.

The new regulations were pretty strict, limiting which mobile provider could be used, who could get a kosher smartphone, who can communicate via whatsapp and with whom (only non-Jews), etc.

And, it turns out, a significant number of chassidim have decided that they will not follow the new rules.

According to Behadrei, a number of Gur shuls, a couple in Bnei Braq and another in Ashdod, have been closed because the people davening in those shuls have refused to follow the rules.

Chassim not listening to the rules imposed by the chassidus, in such a public way?? This is something extremely rare and points to a major showdown. Will the chassidus place extreme pressure on them and force them to comply, or will they rethink the level of their regulations and maybe lighten up a bit?

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