May 16, 2016

cold water gmach

The extreme temperatures (on the heat side) of the past few days has instigated the creation of a new gmach (though it has been seen before.elsewhere).

In Bnei Braq someone started a "cold water gmach" and put out on the street a number of bottles of cold water and cups, for use by the overheated public.

source: Kikar

It is only 3 bottles, but the person behind it probably goes out and refills them every now and then.

As I mentioned, such gmachs have been seen before. In RBS, there is someone who puts out a cooler of water for the public during the hot summer Shabbos days. I am confident that this happens in other places as well.

Entirely new or not, it is a big chessed and very thoughtful of the person behind it.

Keep cool, and drink a lot

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  1. Now THIS is the type of post you need to do more often.


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