May 17, 2016

The "beautiful Israeli" goes hi-tech

We have seen a number of times already the "beautiful Israeli" (in opposition to what has become known as the ugly Israeli), where someone announces on social media, Facebook, Twitter and others, about a wedding taking place that has very few guests and not an overly joyous party, or even a funeral, lo aleinu, with few attendees, and hundreds or even thousands of people, total strangers, come to dance or pay respects.

The "beautiful Israeli" is now going hi-tech and will, hopefully, be more efficient in getting the word out about such events!

Kipa is reporting that an organization called "Tzevet Mesamchim", under the auspices of Merpa lChaim, has created an app for smartphones by which they will be able to get the word out to people about a wedding that volunteers might want to go to to help make more joyous with their dancing and celebrating.

This organization has 1000 "members" already sharing information about such events via Whatsapp, and now with the newly developed app they will be able to expand even further.

I downloaded the app. After registering with basic personal information, including a question about what area of the country are you interested in getting notifications about, there is not much else to do. Since I registered there have not yet been any announcements, but I guess when the announcements come it will be via the app, though perhaps via email (as per the email account you registered with). The only other thing to do with the app, that I can tell, is to announce an event for Tzevet mesamchim to publicize.

(update: in the one day since I installed this app.. today I have received four notifications about weddings I might want to go dance at, as per the areas I requested notifications for)

There is a menu item in the app to "order" mesamchim. It takes you too a form to fill out with questions about the affair. From the questions it is clear that they can be invited by a friend, a stranger who found out, or even by the family itself!

This is a great example of how technology can be used to help, to do good, to increase chessed and happiness and joy.

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