May 22, 2016

Quote of the Day

There is no need to boycott the Remorm, and it would not hurt if the Chief Rabbis would meet with them. We need to strengthen everybody. The Reform are Jewish and they deserve human rights as Jews... The official body authorized over halacha in the State of Israel is the Rabbanut,  but it seems to me that the Rabbanut also needs to take into consideration the entire public, within the bounds of halacha. We need to integrate the Reform proportional to their percentage of the population in Israel.  I think the Reform movement needs representation in Israel.

  -- Yehuda Glick, incoming Likud MK

If you thought Yehuda Glick was just some right wing extremist religious fanatic settler, as the media has spent years painting him to be, you've got another think coming...

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  1. Which probably explains why he is in the Likud and not a religious party. It should be interesting. He has a good relationship with Muslims too. A bit like Rabbi Forman Z"l.

  2. Agree with above commenter, Meir S. Find Glick very strange and disappointing. A truly Orthodox Jew cannot have such views as it goes against true Orthodoxy!


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