May 25, 2016

don't throw rocks

City of Hall of Modiin Ilit has published some instructions and guidelines for the Lag b'Omer celebrations.

As you can see by the circled item, City Hall is warning the residents to not throw rocks and boulders at the firemen who will be driving around to ensure everyone's safety.

On the one hand, it is troubling that such a statement needs to be made.

On the other hand, "good on them" - kol hakavod - it did need to be said, and they said it. Hopefully people will listen.It might be more effective if they put out pashkevilim with rabbinic decrees to that effect, but small steps, as they say, small steps.

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  1. I don't understand. Who throws rocks at fire fighters? Adults? Teenagers? Little kids? But more importantly, WHY???

  2. it seems to be a common expression of people who are anti the Zionist government and the people who somehow represent them or provide services on behalf of them

  3. Anyone who throws a rock should be blasted by the firehose. Repeatedly. For a few hours.

  4. It's actually a bit deep if you think about it: After all, unless you are the most extreme type who thinks the State has to be completely eradicated (chas v'shalom), then a fire department is a good "proof" of Zionism. Here's what I mean: Say Mashiach comes tomorrow, in all the ways charedim think of him. He's going to have a ready-made state: Roads, sewage, hospitals, fire trucks, etc. etc. He's not going to pull it all up and start over. In other words, 90% (say) of Mashiach's work will have been done by...Zionists. And that makes charedim mad.


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