May 19, 2016

no more sweeping it under the carpet

There is a horrible story from Yerushalayim culminating right now in the arrest of a mashgiach of a yeshiva for abuse and molestation of his own children.

The most fascinating part of the story is that, as far as I can remember, for the first time such an incident is making the top headlines in the religious and even in the Haredi media.

Add to this the publicity of the recent case in Monroe that "ended" with an FBI raid.

In the past, such cases rarely made the frum news. When they did they were either relegated to a minor column with little information placed in a place hardly anyone would notice it, or they were attacks on the accusers for creating a chilul hashem in going to the police or about accusing falsely an innocent man.

Are the days of sweeping these things under the carpet really behind us?

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  1. Either that or there's no more space under the carpet

  2. Why so many sickos today? Maybe all the extreme chumras is the cause because there is little normalcy in their lives.

  3. it is unfair (loshon hara etc.) to compare the case in yerushalayim to the case in Monroe. we have no idea if the accused in yerushalayim is innocent or guilty, but if he did the things that he is accused of, it is indeed terrible. in the Monroe case, even if the principle did everything the "activists" accuse him of, he still did nothing wrong. those who enjoy "piling on" and increasing his embarrassment of being pilloried in public, need to ask him for mechila before they can even do teshuva.

  4. I must be uninformed, what is this about?

    1. an important rav, a well-known and from an important family, mashgiach in a yeshiva, has been arrested for molestation (at least within his family)


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