Feb 5, 2018

Berland finally shocks community by touching woman

A video has been released of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, convicted of sexual assault and other indecent acts, in which Berland is seen touching a woman in order to heal her from cancer, the way we used to see televangelists, such as Oral Roberts and Pat Robertson, healing people in front of big crowds by touching their foreheads and suddenly they could walk again or see again - some sort of faith healing.

A lot of news websites are reporting on it (example: Ch10), with the video, and are saying that the Haredi community is shocked by the revelation of seeing Berland touch the woman.

I find it shocking that the community is shocked to see him touching a woman, done while in the process of supposedly healing her from cancer, yet largely continued to support him, or at least not reject him, through all the years of accusations of rape and other sexual misconduct.

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