Feb 1, 2018

Picture of the Day

that is Shalom Rubashkin gazing at a framed copy of al hanissim that includes the text for Hanukkah, Purim and Zos Hanukkah

here is a close-up of the text of Al Hanissim for Zos Hanukkah

if you read it, the text of the "al hanissim" written for Rubashkin claims he was innocent, not just over-sentenced

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  1. I'm not sure what the source of the picture is, so I don't know the background, but are you sure he is the one who wrote it? Seems more like the work of an over-exuberant supporter.

  2. my assumption as well. had he written it, it would bother me less, though it would seem a bit haughty to print it up like this, giving it equal status to the text of Hanukkah and purim and frame it, but so be it. The idea that others did it is more bothersome. again, the community is treating him like a big tzaddik, like dreyfus and others. People can and should be happy he got out and did not have sit in jail for the entire sentence and was able to reunite with his family and friends, but treating him like this has gone way overboard

  3. Seems like a segulah thing - he was certainly blessed by HKBH to be freed, so associating with that, even if it means making a fool of oneself to get to the front of the association line, will give them blessing too.


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