Feb 11, 2018

Shababnikim shows the ship has sailed

Shababnikim is a new Israeli television show about the antics of 4 yeshiva boys who don't learn much in their yeshiva but get involved in other, more worldly, matters.

The first two episodes are on Youtube, while the others can only be viewed through the official channels and whatever online streaming method might work for you, and here they are:

There have been several articles recently about yeshivas throwing out a few boys who staged as extras in the filming (which took place 2 years ago) of the show, of the response of the yeshivas, of the response of actors of the show. I'm not going to comment on this issue.

I will say, the ship has sailed.

The rosh yeshivas of these yeshivas somehow saw the boys who appeared as extras in an Israeli television show. The boys were seen and identified by many other boys, rebbes, rosh yeshivas, etc. The yeshiva boys went to be extras on a television show. The community is watching these shows, and it is not all that new - this was happening during the show Shtissel, during Srugim and through the broadcast of other shows, but this, I think, is the first time it has been actually admitted to, by the nature of the actions taken against these boys.

The ship has sailed. The people are watching these shows. Maybe that is why they fight against the Internet so hard, but I see it as a lost cause. They are fighting a battle that cannot be won. They need a different approach.

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  1. shilsel was dynamite
    This show is MINUS.....

  2. not sure the viewers agree with you. i certainly am awaiting the season finale this week... but it touches issues haredim won't like --- haredi lite, hedonism, charismatic sefardi preachers, discrimination against edot hamizrach in Lita-yeshivot and shidduchim , money and shidduchim, the place of the overly learned haredi girl and her fate, etc....


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