Feb 6, 2018

taking humanity out of the work-place

The City of Modiin Ilit has published its tzniyus rules for its employees. The list of rules is interesting.

Some are making a big deal of their demand that women sit in the back of any transportation vehicles. I'll skip that for now as I find other items in the list far more interesting.

Some of the items include:
 * male and female employees not talking to each other at all after work hours, even about work-related issues
 * even during work male and female employees should not talk to each other about anything other than work-related issues
 * male and female employees should not call each other by their personal names but only by family names, preferably with honorifics, such as Mr Mrs Rabbi, etc
 * a manager wishing to praise an employee for a job well done can praise the work but not the person
 * families of employees cannot get together- no shared meals or trips together, etc.
 * no providing any service or favor for another employee, not including if it is someone's turn to do something for the entire office or department, etc
 *  women should not go to work in nice clothes but only in regular clothes that adhere to the rules of the halach
 * if someone makes a simcha unless the entire office is invited, any specific invited employee should not attend (even with his or her spouse, even if the event is completely gender-separate)
sources: Kikar, TOI

they are basically taking away the humanity of the people and the work-place. No talking, no doing favors, no sharing simchas, etc

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  1. Charedi == Charud L'dvar Hakanoim.

    Modiin is ruled by a Jewish Taliban. Will women be forbidden to leave the home unescorted, next?

  2. Could make things interesting if your coworker is a spouse or chavrusa.

    1. One my of my co-workers is a female Gerrer Chassid. I have this yetzer hara to tell her that she is lucky that I am not her husband, otherwise we would not be able to talk about whatever we are working on.

  3. Mostly Halacha with some Harchakos thrown in. Stupid Jews trying to set up Gedarim. Don't they know that G-d hates safeguards

  4. Guess they've reached the point of 'cookoo, cookoodarikoo! It appears most everywhere we have the inmates running the asylum!

  5. Written by people who have never worked.

  6. This is obviously a bad joke. Perhaps Purim Torah a bit early.


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