Mar 4, 2018

Facebook Status of the Day

Jerusalem residents -
You definitely identify with the situation, you get on the light rail and because of the pressure you don't pass your card over the payment machine, or you notice someone else who doesnt and gets a fine because of it just because he wasnt paying attention..
Generally luck brings the supervisors exactly at that moment.
One day I got on the light rail and somebody paid for me when I noticed my card was empty, and he saved me from an unnecessary fine.
That is why I started my independent campaign, a bit over a year ago.
Pay it forward.
I bought ten rav kav cards at one time and filled each one with 5.90nis, enough for one light rail ride - just enough to save a passenger without a ticket because just then his card finished and a supervisor got on to give out fines.
When I see such a situation I take a card out of my wallet, pay, and give it to him requesting only that he fill it up later with one ride's worth of money and pass it on to others in such situations.
Another mitzva, and another mitzva
In the past year I have received form friends and family many such cards.Today I gave out my last one (#100!) to a young man who had not paid attention that his card was empty, and then I bought myself 3 more new ones.
So, if you get such a card, I request, pay it forward.
Not for any reason other than to do a kindness between people person on the train.

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