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Apr 14, 2008

Bibi in concert

(will this concert be banned?? :-))

The Likud held their "Haramat Kosit" or "toast" in honor of Pesach last night. In this short clip, you get a fleeting glimpse of the illustrious mayor of Bet Shemesh Danny Vaknin sitting in the row behind Bibi. Moshe Feiglin can be spotted enjoying himself, also sitting in the row behind Bibi just a bit further down the row.

Bibi is not going to win any awards for his singing abilities. Definitely he will not qualify as a contestant on American Idol or Kochav Nolad.

Bibi took the opportunity to talk a bit about the finance and economic situation. He also used the podium to call upon Shas to leave the government.

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