Apr 1, 2008

Funny pashkevil spotted in Ramat Aviv Gimmel

The follwoing was posted anonymously to an Israeli Hebrew forum. The writer said that this sign (pashkevil) has been seen posted in Ramat Aviv Gimmel (a very high end secular neighborhood of North Tel Aviv)

To translate, the sign says, (it seems to be addressed to women) "Do not pass through our Neighborhood! We request, Do not pass trough our neighborhood if you are not dressed in a stunning fashion.
"Stunning" includes: A Dolce & Gabban poncho, (something else I did not understand), A short jacket with fur made by Gucci, high heels shoes by Chanel.
Please do not disturb the sanctity of our neighborhood and our lifestyle as dedicated consumers to the holy brand names!"

I am not sure if it was put up to make fun of the residents and their lifestyle or if it was put up by the residents as a spoof of the similar signs in Haredi neighborhoods calling on immodestly clad women to dress appropriately...


  1. That's very funny! I think it's spoofing both.

  2. hahahaha. Thank you for the laugh. I will be sure to share this with others.

  3. it's for April Fools Day

  4. B"H

    Funny, but not really.

    I lived in an absorption center in Ramat Aviv Alef 10 yrs ago. I remember the table set up next to the Chabbad Tefillin table at the [then] new mall. It had a sign in the style of death notices mourning the loss of "secular Ramat Aviv."

    There were more than a few people who would come over and scream and yell at the man at the Tefillin table.

    When Chabbad had 20 bochurm learning in an apt., a lot of problems were caused for them. When they opened a men's mikvah there, residents went ballistic.

    That mall I mentioned was [is still?] owned by a religious guy and wanted it closed on Shabbath. The residents put up a stink, until they realized they didn't want the noise and traffic in their neighborhood on Shabbath.

    It was a pretty hostile area, even though there were three (not well attended) schuls in Alef and a few more north of the mall, as well as Bnai Akiva. It's not just the color black that frightens them, it's any religious thing "out of hand." The secular Jews are not threatened by the mafdalniqs, and never have been.

  5. I lived in Barazani Street for 2yrs a long long time agoe, I was wondering has the area changed much?

  6. I have no idea. I have only been to Ramat Aviv Gimmel twice in all my years in Israel...

    It has a reputation of being the heart of the elite, high class secular Tel Avivian


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