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Apr 28, 2008

Don't kids just say the darndest things!!

I met my family this evening at the BIG mall at the entrance to Bet Shemesh. Earlier, there had been a large, unusual amount of soldiers passing through the mall, including Air Force (Cheyl Avir) soldiers.

My six year old son was excitedly telling me about the "cheyl avir" that had been there earlier, when he noticed approaching us an Air Force soldier. He pointed to them and said "Look - another Cheyl Avir".

A brief moment later, as the soldier got closer, he noticed that it was a female soldier. He then corrected himself and said, "A Chayelet Avira" (the correct term would be chayelet b'chel avir - a female soldier in the Air Force. Instead he changed the term Air Force to be in the female form).


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. At least your son didn't point at a Sikh, in the middle of the home depot parking lot shouting, "look mom, a jewish man".

  3. I think your son meant that the female soldier contributed to the atmosphere.

  4. lol... is she good for the ozone or bad for it?

  5. Depends. How much perfume was she wearing?

    (I think you know I meant the other kind of atmosphere.)


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