Apr 15, 2008

Where in the world is Jameel?

Jameel seems to have disappeared again. This time he gave us some advance notice and told us he was going to be on Miluim (army reserve duty). Many of us are suspicious that that is just a cover for some additional secret waffle-making activities.

I finally stumbled into some top secret video surveillance that has discovered exactly what Jameel is doing...The game is up Jameel. We caught you!

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  1. I just watched that episode a couple of days ago! It was a very sweet moment. Earlier in the episode, Amida (the Indian girl, Charlie's girlfriend) told Alan (the dad, played by Judd Hirsch) her parents were supposed to come visit and they would were going to go to "Roscoe's" for waffles because that was the only food the whole family could agree on. Her parents then canceled the visit for the umpteenth time, greatly disappointing her, so Charlie made her a waffle dinner!

    It was also a really good episode in general and I LOVE that the three leads are Jewish guys!


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