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Apr 15, 2008

an adulterer among us

I was torn whether to post this or not. I decided to, but as a compromise I blacked out the name of the affected party from the published letter below. I did not really need to. This letter was sent out to all the homes in RBS, far more than the number of people who read this blog, so his name and the claim is far more public than I can possibly make it. But I still felt uncomfortable publicizing it, especially because I do not know if ti is true and what the background is..

On to the post - A letter was distributed in the mailboxes around RBS yesterday. The envelope was addressed to me and had a stamp on it that said "For Parents only". That was intriguing raising my curiosity level.

To be honest, I probably normally would not have even looked at the letter. I would have opened it up, seen the form letter, assumed it was some charity I was not interested in giving money to and would have thrown it right into the garbage without even a further glance. But somebody emailed me and told me he had received this strange letter, so I was looking for it.

The letter says, "This letter is being distributed after much indecision. On the one hand, publicizing it and raising the issue in the public forum can bring unnecessary awareness to the issue. But after consulting with Rabbonim and Educators, we came to the conclusion that we cannot ignore this. The Rabbonim requested that we, who were directly affected by this, should be the representatives on the matter.

As well, evil claims have been spread, that our neighborhood, supposedly "modern" because residents work for their livelihood, is the cause of this shameful story. Obviously that is not true and should be denied strongly.

The situation, as many already know, Is a local resident, Mr. K. from Nahal Uriah street. As previously publicized inappropriately, has committed actions that should not have been done and is suspected of adultery with married women of the neighborhood.

After it was publicized, many parties understood the problem of having contact with him. Immediately, Mr. K lost his employment at the Yated Ne'eman and as the Communications Advisor to the Mayor of Beitar.

According to the instruction of Rabbonim and Educators, everybody should be careful to warn their family members, those married and unmarried, not to get near this person. Not to deal with him in work related matters, not to come into close proximity of him, especially in public places such as offices, stores, medical clinics, public transportation 9which he sometimes uses even though he has his own car), etc.

After much clarification with the Rabbonim, it is clear he did not do his actions out of wickedness or out of contempt for the Torah. Rather because of an uncontrollable urge (mental illness). Therefore, despite what was previously publicized, nobody should harm him directly, and his family who did no wrong should not be harmed by anybody, in addition to the difficult period they are going through since the story was first revealed.

It should be His will that this is being done with pure intentions
The Representatives

nb. There were different opinions whether to publicize this or not, even after experts heard about the possibility of his family coming to harm. We, whose daughters were directly harmed, have felt obligated to warn others, men and women, and we have what to rely upon."

I do not know the background of this story. I live on the other side of the neighborhood, so I guess the signs and flyers that went up when it broke were under my radar. I heard about his resignation, both from the Beitar office and from the Yated, but the information that was publicized then was the he resigned to open his own business (a PR firm). Not that he was forced out because of this scandal.

Further, I posted to a local Hebrew forum asking for some background to the letter, and the moderator deleted my message (I suspected he would because this kind of stuff is too hot).

What bothers me about the letter is that the letter is written anonymously, and while he says he consulted with Rabbonim and they decided he should write the letter, he does not say which Rabbonim. I understand why he is anonymous. he wants to protect his daughter/wife (if it is true) and his family reputation. But why should the Rabbonim remain anonymous. if they are taking a stand on a local issue that is possibly dangerous to the community, they should stand behind their words. they should let us know to take them seriously.

As of right now this is an anonymous letter quoting anonymous Rabbis and educators defaming a person who might or might not have done what they claim.

This actually reminds me of two similar stories that happened not too long ago.
The third link in the previous sentence was a story that happened on the same street where this fellow lives. That must have been a happening place!

Again, I do not know the background to the story (if any of you do know it, feel free to write it in the comments (but no rumors please - only if you know the story) or email it to me) and am hesitant to believe an anonymous letter quoting anonymous Rabbis in an attempt to hurt someone. If you want me to believe you, use your name of the name of someone who can back up the story.


  1. The other case on Uriah street was different. The single-mother involved, N.A., is a serious problem, not for religious reasons per se, but because of the juvenile deliquency involved (she encouraged deliquency among other youths as well). As is typical of social services, they really didn't get involved. The only thing left was vigilantee justice.

  2. Wow, that's insane. This letter is the height of infantalization of the neighborhood- as if adultery (usually an illicit sexual relationship between two consenting adults) is equated with sexual molestation or even rape.

    And i agree- anon letter writer and Rabbonim? Sounds really fishy to me. Even if everything is true- then these rabbonim should deal with this personally. This letter just sounds like pure lashon hara.

  3. this letter is a sad joke and people shouild be up in arms that someone has the gall to send out such a piece of drivel.

    anonynous?!? not one rov listed?!?

    My response is BS. If it's true, grow a pair and sign your name. Tell us who the rabbonim are. maybe it's lashon harah - maybe it's even motzei shem ra, maybe it's tru, but sign your name!

  4. The writer could very easily have put the names of the rabbonim on the letter without compromising anyone's anonymity-- then people would have had someone trusted to go to who could say that there was enough evidence to justify the writing of the letter.

    The writer didn't do that, so I assume this is a really malicious fake.

  5. A letter is hanging in the shul - signed by RMG, Rav sharabani and rav nosson - stating that the letter is all lies, leitzanus and motzi shem ra.

  6. With all the craziness going on in RBS, it's a wonder that anyone wants to live there anymore!

  7. The sender isn't anonymous. I got one, and on the back of the envelope it said "Levinger, Bet Shemesh". According to the ShemeshPhone, there are only 5 Levingers living in Bet Shemesh.

  8. I heard last night a new letter has gone out signed by Rabbi Goldstein and Rabbi Kopshitz defending the subject of the letter and saying it is all a lie.

  9. The only thing illicit and abominable in Ramat Beit Shemesh is the "Rabbonim".

    -The REAL Mora D'asra

  10. I thought that according to halacha, accusers must face their accused, therefore must sign their names.


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