Sep 6, 2007

update on the adulteress/temptress story

I have some updated info regarding the story I wrote about yesterday.. That was a tantalizing story in which seemingly the local zealots had publicized a womans personal information claiming that she had committed "maaseh zimri" (adultery perhaps?) and they were planning to chase her out of the neighborhood.

Someone I know decided to investigate the source of the flyers, or pashkevilim, and asked around for some background info.

Supposedly, and if this is true or not I do not know, but this is what he found out, it was not zealots or fanatics behind the printing and distributing of the flyers. Supposedly, the husband is behind it. It seems they are going through a divorce, and a messy one at that. The husband, in an attempt to put pressure on her, printed these flyers and had them thrown around the neighborhood.

That is all I have heard so far. If I find out any more, I will let you know.


  1. Just one little ironic point. In the pashkevil, the guy refers to "kedushat hamachane". The original "machane" which one is supposed to keep holy is an army base in the time of war. At the risk of stereotyping, whoever wrote the pashkevil probably hasn't ever gone anywhere near an army base, and probably never will.

  2. my wife and i were discussing this. I asked how is it allowed to publicly announce these things? How is it muttar to use someone's name and announce loshon hora (or motzee shem ra whatever the case may be) in public? if someone sins how is it possible to get away with this? what heter? in what frame of mind do people actually decide these things?
    My friend just told me a story he read based on daf yomi about Rav Moshe, tz"l.
    It went like this: One time Rav Moshe was in the bais medresh learning hilchos aveilis with his talmidim. He noticed one chavrusa was ahead of the rest of the group. So he went and asked them why and they answered because they skipped the first halacha which was about a parent dying at the wedding (r"l) since they felt it wouldn't happen to them. Rav Moshe expressed disappointment and walked away. Lo and behold, each of the boys lost a parent at their weddings.
    Now, as terrible as that story is, the moral was the importance of learning all halachas.

    now, take a minute and think about this situation.... scary...

  3. I do not think I understood that

  4. what part didn't you understand?
    the point i was trying to make was that if someone can be punished so severly for skipping important halachas, then imagine what could happen to someone to publicly humiliates and destroys the life of someone and their family.
    Thats what i was trying to say.

  5. tsk, so close to Rosh Hashanah. Talk about your shalom bayit problem. Do they know there's a shalom bayit blog??

    Seriously, not to make light of it. It is really sad to spill one's problems out into the neighborhood. (assuming that is true)

  6. an update due to the update:

    Dinner was a smashing and fun time. Due to the update however, we nixed mention of this situation and kept it in honor of ovadia yosef's comments alone.
    We also managed to get a new member to the club of formerly orthodox.
    Although his joining was also based on the fact that people some people won't eat in his house now that broccoli needs a hechsher.

  7. no, but even if you did I could not tell you.

  8. One wonders who is spreading MORE lashon hara here, the blogosphere & commenters thereon, or these pashkevilim...
    Seriously, look at what was written about the "terrible people" who supposedly authored the pashkevil, & now it turns out to be not so! How much lashon hara has been spread here???


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