Sep 19, 2007

Support the Arab boycott on El Al

I saw in the newspaper this morning that Israeli Arabs are starting a boycott of El Al. They are declaring that they have had enough of the over-zealous security checks they are put through in order to board a flight.

I think most people will be happy about this boycott. After all, it is because of them that we have to go through all those security checks in the first place (or am I not allowed to say that)! Maybe now it will be easier for everyone else to get on a plane!


  1. How can i show my support? You want me to go to the airport holding signs that read: "No Israeli-Arabs on the planes! No Israeli-Arabs on the planes!" I think if we see any arab on a plane from now on, it is the responsibility of all passengers to walk over, and look at him suspiciously the entire flight.

  2. whatsinaname,

    You mean you haven't done that until now?

    No Arabs = safer flights.

  3. maybe hold up signs saying "Arabs should not fly on El Al".. maybe have it "signed" by an Arab or Arab committee like Muslims against Racial Profiling, or something like that


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