Sep 21, 2007

drinking the "segulah drink"

I went to drop off my "kaparos" money plus a little donation at one of the local charities. They had set up a booth outside one of the local makolets so people could drop off their donations today.

At this booth I was surprised to see a few young teenagers manning the booth, along with David, the founder of the organization. As if he had nothing better to do today, such as getting ready for Yom Kippur/shabbos/sukkos and letting the kids collect the donations, he himself was out there talking to the passerbys and running things.

On the table where they were collecting the money, they had poured cups of various drinks for people to enjoy. David called them "segulah drinks" and urged people to drink them.

I asked him what is the segulah of these drinks?

He explained there are various reasons:
1. The Hassidic explanation that on Rosh Hashana one of the things God decides is how a person will live financially - will he be rich or will he have to receive charity. Because these drinks were donated to the tzedaka organization everybody drinking from them are receiving tzedaka, albeit on a small level. Therefore in case it was decreed you should be poor and receive tzedaka, you can come to God with a claim that you have fulfilled the decree and have received tzedaka.

2. The Litvishe explanation - Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of tzedaka. Therefore by taking tzedaka today, albeit in a small measure (just a drink), we are removing the shame of it (somewhat) from those who need to take it in greater measure and more frequently. This way everybody is the same and everybody receives from tzedakka.

3. It is hot outside so with people hanging around outside they should drink

4. They will do more mitzvos by coming to get their free drink they will likely give tzedakka.

Looks like David was doing the best thing he could do before Yom Kippur to prepare for the Day of Judgement by busying himself with more mitzvos.

See Lemaan Achai for information about the charity and making donations to a worthy cause for the poor and needy of Eretz Yisrael.

Gmar Chasima Tova.

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  1. a gmar chasima tova shanas geula vyeshua v'hisromos keren yisroel.


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