Sep 10, 2007

don't get lost, you never know where you might end up!

Are you coming to Israel for the holidays? Will you be driving around a lot? You might want to consider renting a GPS system. You really do not want to get lost and end up in some of the places I have ended up, let alone anywhere near where that Israeli army officer ended up last week.

Sure, he got out ok by the skin of his teeth, but think if he had a GPS system, he could have avoided the whole incident in the first place. Now he is sitting 28 days in jail for entering illegal PA territory and he could have lost his life there as well.

All that could have been avoided in one of two ways; 1. he could have looked at a map and read the road signs or 2) he could have used a GPS system

If you do not want to get lost and choose to rent a GPS system for your trips, Webads, the guys with the ads at the top right of this website, have worked out a great deal for you.

are the guys who do GPS rentals. If you just tell them Webads sent you, instead of paying the standard price of $15 per day (or $60 per week), you will only pay $12 per day (or $50 per week)!!

Again, the only catch is that you have to tell them webads sent you.

You can all David Borada directly at ++[972]-2-624-0447. David's email is for more information.


  1. i used a GPS once to get to tzfat. it was fun, but i was very nervous that if i took a wrong way by accident and it had to organize my route, i wasn't sure it wouldn't take me through an arab village to get out.

    Are certain roads excluded or blocked on GPS's?

  2. don't know. I do not have one. Anybody knopw the answer to that? I guess you can email Dady (from in the post) and ask him...

  3. where could I read more about this story about the soldier who took a wrong turn. I"ve been out of it.

    I checked A7 but there was nothing.

    Or at least, do you have a name I can look it up with.


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