Sep 23, 2007

headline of the day (hotd)

Today yet another potential scandal was made public. Dr. Yaron Zelicha, the State Comptroller who has been in the media ever since he made public his claims of Olmert's corruption and has testified as the star witness in the investigation against Olmert, announced some new allegations.

Zelicha now claims that Finance Ministers Hirshson (under indictment for embezzlement of state funds, tax evasion, money laundering and other financial crimes) and Bar-On have given extra funding, illegally of course, to heads of municipalities in which the mayor transferred from his political party to Kadima. If a mayor somewhere left Labor or Likud or any other party and joined Kadima, his city was given extra funding.

What will come of this claim, who knows. I guess another investigation will be opened and in a few years we will hear something of it.

But on the heels of that announcement we now have the following headline: Ramat Hasharon mayor announces move from Labor Party to Kadima (Israel Radio)

I guess after Zelicha's announcement the mayor of Ramat Hasharon figured out how he could get that funding he has needed and took action...


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