Sep 24, 2007

Headline of the Day (hotd)

The guy who gives advice to the police on how to investigate and who to investigate, generally saying they should be investigating someone other than him, is almost always the guilty party.

Just watch any detective/police movie. You will see. Whenever the suspect feigns innocence and advises the police where they should and should not be looking, it always ends up to be he who is guilty.

Today Mazuz decided to recommend for a police investigation into the second of a number of investigations against Ehud Olmert. The one about having sold (one of) his house(s) for an unreasonable price, which leads to the suspicion of bribery and illegal campaign funding, considering the buyer was a financial/political supporter of Olmert's.

That lead to the following statement/headline put out by Olmert: PMO: Olmert bought J`lem home properly, police probe unnecessary (Haaretz)

Thanks for giving the police your invaluable advice. The Comptroller investigated and found reason to indict. The Attorney General looked over the material and found reason to allow the investigation to officially be opened by the police. Thanks for letting us you you think you are innocent and advising the police to drop the case.

Based on the above rule, I think that means you are guilty...

1 comment:

  1. "PMO: Olmert bought J`lem home properly, police probe unnecessary (Haaretz)"

    Well, geez, why didn't they say so earlier? Now they wasted all this time and money investigating when they could have just asked the PMO.



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