Sep 29, 2007

false air raid siren?

An air raid siren just went off in Jerusalem where we have been staying for shabbos. The news has no reports of a war having begun so I have no idea why the siren went off.... Must have been a false alarm.


  1. was that just before candlelighting? I was wondering what that was. Silly me, For a second, I thought I had to light earlier.LOLOL

    really I shouldn't be laughing.

  2. I won't bug you about it, but I never got your email-i think its an email problem. sorry. don't worry about it though. peace.

  3. actually it was a bit after the end of shabbos.

    I will try to send it again from a different address

  4. Maybe it was to celebrate the fact that the Cubs made the playoffs. (Some view this as a sign of the impending geulah.)


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