Sep 25, 2007

best thing to happen to Gaza

As a result of Israel declaring Gaza to be enemy hostile territory, the best thing that could have happened to Gaza just did.

Bank Hapoalim today announced that because of Gaza's status, it will stop working in Gaza and break off its connections with the various Gazan banks and bank branches.

The commissions and fees at Bank Hapoalim are so high that this announcement can only be good for the residents of Gaza! They will now have more money in their pockets, because Bank Hapoalim will be taking less out from them!


  1. It's a disgrace that they were doing business with the Philistines until now- even through the Intifada.

    בלי נדר, I will be closing my corporate and personal accounts there right after Sukkot and moving to a different bank.

  2. LOLOL

    Once upon a time, I actually considered putting my money in my mattress -all because of Bank haPoalim and all the fees ppl warned me about.

  3. I have bank hapoalim, I barely use it.. misrad habinuy v'hashikuy gives me 200 shekel a month and my kupat cholim bills me from there.

    I pay a king's randsom in fee's to bank of america!! I rarely use that as well! they charge me 5$ everytime I withdraw from ATM plus a fee every time I use my debit card as a credit card.

    I use paypal for everything else, 1.5% cash back and no ATM fee's.

    I dont have a credit card, I have perfect credit but have a hole in my head in managing my money...

    I rarely if ever pay my bills on time, bezek is on horrat keva and my rent I pay on time because my landlady is a nice savta who lives off the money. I pay my electric bill on impulse, I pay arnona / mayim whenever I go to the post office..

    I am 100% israeli that is american in the normal sense.. ata mavin?

    Its weird because i'm not a american snob, I use israeli appliances but my coffee bean burr grinder is capresso I got on amazon..


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