Sep 16, 2007

Who will live and who will die has new meaning

In the prayers of Rosh Hashana we have a very powerful piece of liturgy known as "U'Nesaneh Tokef" which describes the importance of the day and the various types of judgements we are experiencing. "Who will live and who will die" and then all sorts of options of what sort of death and what quality of life.

Over the course of this Rosh Hashana, new meaning was brought to that phrase "Who will live and who will die."

Right before the holiday, 2 people were killed in separate traffic accidents. One male and one female. These two people had their organs donated to sick people who were waiting for transplants to save their lives.

Various organs from these two victims were donated and dispersed among 8 various sick people. Four hospitals were involved and tens of doctors, nurses and technicians.

Who will live and who will die? We never know what our fate will be, but these two people lost their lives and in the process saved 8 others.


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